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American Eagle Editing Office (AEEO)

AEEO customers' feedbacks

Fontaine G, PhD; Paris, France

Thanks a lot for your quick service. After being edited by your editors, our manuscript was accepted by PLoS ONE immediately. We really appreciate your excellent work. We also learnt a lot from your professional editing.

Fernandes M, PhD; Sao Paulo, Brazil

I was introduced by a friend who had a very pleasant editing experience with you. I would like to translate and edit my Portuguese manuscript into English. Please help me.

Liu L, MD, PhD; Zhengzhou, China

Thank you so much for editing my paper. It was just accepted by PLoS ONE! It took us a lot of time, but the great editing really helped us to publish it quickly! We especially thank you for your help with answering the reviewers’ questions!

Sánchez B, Asturias, Spain

I thought my English writing would be good enough, but when we submitted a paper to PNAS, the editor still asked us to revise the English. Fortunately, we found AEEO. Your editing is really very professional. Language was not questioned anymore by the journal. Thanks for your help!

Gao J, MD; Beijing, China

Thank you very much! We all think the edited manuscript was greatly improved according to the language. In addition, thank you very much for your comments on the structure of our manuscript! We were just told by the editor of Journal of Clinical Microbiology that our manuscript was accepted finally! This is our first English manuscript! Thanks you so much for your excellent editing!

Meng J-X, MD; Shijiazhuang, China

AEEO's translation is fantastic, fast, accurate, and the best! It saved a lot of my time. As a physician in a big hospital in China, we don't have much time to write English papers, but AEEO's translators are great! They called me a couple of times to talk about any confusing presentation in my original manuscript. Now, my manuscript was accepted by the Journal of Surgical Research! Thank you so so so much!